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Avoiding the Hidden Costs of Moving Locally

Moving to a new location is fun, but it can be an expensive affair. You’ve diligently planned everything, from packing to hiring professional movers to finalising a relocation budget. However, many other factors affect your moving cost. Some things depend on the distance of your relocating place and the additional services that you may need while relocating.

At times, you might fail to add potential costs related to packing materials required, fees for relocating piano or pool table removal and there are plenty of other things that may account for additional hidden charges.

Most people are not aware of the various costs that are involved in moving. And these hidden costs accumulate to such an amount that it makes the whole budget go for a toss. It can be more than what you anticipated in the beginning.

How do you recognise the hidden costs of moving?

The first and the most important is to find reliable movers. Whether you are moving in the neighbourhood or moving locally in Melbourne – you need a trusted removalist.

Do a bit of research and find a moving company that has good reviews. Go through their testimonials to check what other customers say about the company and their services. Once you have shortlisted a moving company, ask them questions. And if they fail to give satisfactory answers, you know what to do. Ask them about a quote first and then about packaging material, moving boxes, packing & unpacking, loading and unloading, storage space, truck size because all these things may contain hidden costs.

The common hidden costs of moving are hiring cheap movers. They may give you a lower quote upfront but may include various other hidden costs that when added, is much higher than what other movers offer (without any hidden charges). If you see that the price is low, there is an excellent chance that you will end up paying a lot more. It might seem like you are saving money at first sight; it is not always true. You might end up paying much more.

Moving estimate or the first quote is important

When you ask your local removalist company about a free quote, better would be to check a few moving quotes before you decide. Compare the costs. Ask questions like what’s included in it, how the price can change, and if you have any special requirement, mention it beforehand. The best removalists are the ones that charge you what they quoted in their first quote.

Hidden costs related to packing and unpacking

Packaging & unpacking services as well as the packing materials, are a standard additional service that many local moving companies offer their customers. But, the packaging materials such as tapes, bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes etc. that’s needed aren’t necessarily included in the quote that you were offered.

Best would be to confirm with the removalists well before commencing the move whether the packaging cost is part of their quote.

Ask about packaging materials

Most of the people assume that packing & packaging material is a part of the quote that the removalist offered. In most cases, it is, but some removalists do not include this cost in their quote and later charge it.

Storage services

Whether you will need a storage service or not needs to be planned well in advance. And the same should be communicated to your removalist company. Especially when you are moving long-distance, there are possible chances that you may need storage space in transit.

Most removalists do not include that in the initial quote. It isn’t something that they hide intentionally, but it is usually something that you completely forgot about in the beginning when you created your budget for relocation.

Disassembling and reassembling costs

Regardless if it’s a residential move or a commercial move, the chances are that there might be some heavy furniture that needs to be disassembled and then reassemble. There may be some extra charges for this service, especially for beds, sofas, large cabinets and any other heavy furniture items. It would be best if you discuss this additional expense with the local furniture movers, you’re thinking about hiring./

Call us now on 0433 541 997 and inquire about our moving costs today with no hidden costs and fair, transparent pricing. Get in touch with one of the most reliable and transparent furniture moving companies in Melbourne for all your relocating and removal needs.

Professional Moving & Packaging Services

How to Pack Fragile Items for Safe Removal?

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to find out that your delicate and fragile items like crockery and glassware are broken into pieces during the transit. Especially the things that you are emotionally attached to. To make sure that you do not go through any heartbreaks, you must know the best ways to pack these delicate items. Such as crockery, glassware, crystal items and other priced possessions – unless you hire professional moving & packaging services.

Whether moving intercity, interstate or locally in the neighbourhood, packing your entire household and move safely to a new location is an overwhelming task. It would help if you had the expertise, knowledge and experience to move without a glitch. Hiring professional removalists seems to be a sensible and smart move to ensure that all your belongings reach their destination without any damage. It not only saves you a lot of time but also eases the removal process.

What material to use for packing fragile items?

You must pack fragile items in such material which is not just soft but also protects them by providing buffer or a shockproof area around them. The shockproof nature of the packaging material prevents breakage. The best material to use for packaging such items is bubble-wraps, newspapers and strong tapes to secure the newspaper or wrap. Another important thing is the boxes that you choose to pack these items. Make sure you fill the boxes with packing materials to hold them in one place and to make sure they do not move around.

How to ship fragile items?

Before you ship your glassware or any other fragile and delicate item, make sure you pack it in a way that there is no space left for the things to move in the box. Every nook and the corner in your boxes must be filled with packing materials to reduce movement of the items. Use a generous amount of packing tape to keep the wrapping intact and the things from shifting underneath it during travel. You should also make sure you have insurance to cover your fragile items should the worst happen, and something breaks.

How to pack heavy but fragile items?

Before you pack, make sure you have plenty of packaging material with you, because you will need a lot of it to make sure no damage is caused to your item. When you pack an item in the cardboard box, make sure you leave at-least 2-inch space on each side to fill it with bubble wrap or newspaper. This filling acts as a cushion for your box content. Make sure that the box is strong enough to hold the heavy item safe inside. In case you are not confident of your box strength, double it up. 

How to protect mirrors during the move?

To make sure that your mirrors are safe during the transit, you can use a robust, customised cardboard box for your mirror to act a protective layer. Another way to safeguard a mirror is to use painter’s tape to secure the mirror face. Use bubble wrap and brown packing paper to create a cushion around it. Label the box as fragile or handle with care.

How to pack pottery for safe moving?

Just like any other fragile item, you can use bubble wrap and newspapers to pack pottery items for safe transit. Do not place one pottery item in the other as it may cause breakage. And when you pack these pottery items in boxes create a cushion around to ensure safe transit.

Final Thought!

If packing fragile items for safe transit seems nerve-wrenching, hiring professional moving & packaging services is the best option. Call us on 0433 541 997 to discuss your requirements.

Professional Piano Removalists

Hire an Expert Piano Removalists & Avoid Risks of Wrecking Your Back

Are you thinking of moving a piano on your own? NO, please don’t take the risk of moving your piano. Maybe you don’t realise the fact that there are piano movers available, who specialise in the transportation and storage of pianos.

You may ask here that why do you need an expert piano removalist for the job? Well, first, a piano is a delicate instrument and not something you want to take risks with. There are 1000s of moving parts, 100s of strings and many other things that can be damaged and require a repair later. Secondly, it’s too heavy (1500 pounds appx) for amateur people to move.

Moving a piano is no easy feat, but trusting this major job to a professional piano removalist company, you can rest easy. Knowing the fact that the piano is one of the most valuable items in your house, ProMove Transport will transport it with the care it deserves.

For an item as complicated, fragile and valuable as a Piano, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Here’s why you must hire a professional piano removalist :

Pianos are heavy and awkwardly shaped:

They are heavy; they are delicate, they are expensive, probably the most prized possession in your house, they are awkward in shape (in terms of moving through doorways, passages & stairs). Handling it from the house to the truck is not easy, et all.

Professional Piano movers have the right equipment:

Equipment and materials like:

  • heavy-duty straps,
  • dolly,
  • dolly straps,
  • ramp,
  • weightlifting straps, packing & packaging material and all.

These professional movers have furniture dolly that can support the weight of the piano. Heavy-duty straps can secure the piano to the dolly and in the moving truck.

They know how to protect the keyboard:

Piano keys are delicate and need protection. The piano removal agencies are aware of all the delicate parts of the piano and know how to protect them during the transit. They close and lock the keyboard lid to prevent it from opening during the move. It’s then wrapped in heavy-duty packing material and moved.

Wrapping up the Piano:

Extremely important! The professionals use blankets or padding to wrap the piano. Especially the corners are protected, because they may get damaged while moving through the doorway or a lobby. So, it is secured with blankets and packing tape.

Lifting the piano:

As we mentioned earlier that a piano is heavy as well as delicate; it needs expert handling. And, if it isn’t handled correctly in a move, you will incur a high repairing cost.

ProMove Piano Removalists understand pianos:

The expert piano removalists at ProMove Transport understand pianos and have experience moving them, from the safest way to lift, through stairs, through doorways and get it out the door. They also have the expertise to properly disassemble a grand piano and transport it without causing any damage to the piano as well as the surroundings.

They Offer storage service:

Not all places you move into can accommodate a piano, immediately. If for any reason, you need a temporary space to keep your piano, ProMove has an excellent storage solution for you.

Every piano move is different, and it largely depends on the size of the piano, piano type, and where you are moving to and from. The best advice you’ll ever get about piano removal is to call a professional piano mover and let them do the heavy lifting.

House Removalist Services Melbourne

5 Basic House Removalists Principles to Follow

So, you are moving to a new location and are looking for a trusted removalist in Melbourne! You have hundreds of essential items at your place, large and small that you want to move. At ProMove Transport, we understand the importance of safe transfer of your belongings. We know new purchases cannot exchange the emotional value attached to one’s belongings. Whatever the reason for your move, it’s always crucial that you seek professional removalist services. Doing the tasks on your own can be an exhaustive and risky affair. Moving a house requires expertise, experience, and knowledge, which you don’t have. Chance are that you might end up with some injury, damaged furniture, broken items, etc. Apart from the damage, loading and unloading may seem a tough and dubious task. It’s a challenging, error-prone, nerve-racking process that takes up most of your pre-move energy and time. The procedure is painstaking in several ways, particularly if you possess so much to move. So, there are very compelling reasons why you should opt for professional removal companies to carry out the removal job for you.

Here are some basic house removalists principles to follow

Carefully packing your belongings is the most important thing. And, the most important things that need utmost care are documents, clothes, and glassware. Keeping essential papers in an envelope or folder is sensible so that you will not leave something behind. Clothes can be a lot trickier to pack. You need to wash them and bundle them inside reliable luggage. Please make use of bubble wrap to pack glassware and keep them in boxes that are clearly labelled as delicate or fragile. Pack your items safely and efficiently (and on time), so that they arrive at your new home in one piece and without any troubles along the way.

Principle 1:

Pack what you need Go through all your belongings, including furniture, utensils, and all. Set aside all the useful items that are in good condition, and you will need them on a day-to-day basis. Keep items to which you are emotionally attached and your valuable & memorable possessions. These are the things that you need to pack and get rid of all the things that ae left. You can donate them or sell them if they are in good condition before the big day. This way, you’ll have fewer items to pack and will save time, effort, money, and nerves on your move. Timing can play an essential role in moving house, and planning your move ahead of schedule will help you stay organised.

Principle 2:

Create a packing list After you have decluttered all your belongings and left with few items that you need, it’s time to make a list, if possible, a detailed one. Inventory your home room by room, noting down all the vital information about every single item you intend to bring along. It’s a good idea to use a spreadsheet on your computer to keep all this information well organized and easy to edit and print out as needed. Your moving inventory will help you sort out and organize your items for packing and will double as a comprehensive packing list. And having a detailed packing list is one of the essential rules of packing for a move.

Principle 3:

Provide Adequate Packing supplies When you know how many and what all items you are moving, you will get a clear idea of the packing supplies you need to pack those items safely. The packing supplies may include moving boxes, moving blankets, packing paper, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, packing tape, etc. Start well in advance so that you can take advantage of some practical ways to cut down on your expenses for moving supplies (find discounts and deals, get free moving boxes from local retail stores, ask friends for used packing supplies they don’t need, etc.). It is also a good idea to purchase some more packing materials than you think you’ll need. So, make sure you have some extras so that you won’t need to interrupt the packing process with trips to the nearest office supply outlet or home improvement store or buy packing materials from your movers at higher prices on moving day.

Principle 4:

Have a packing plan and system in place Randomly packing anything, won’t help you much. Instead, it’ll leave you confused. So, it is better to pack in a systematic and organised manner. It will certainly speed up the process and let you maximise the space in moving boxes. You can either start packing room by room, or by packing rarely used items and out-of-season items first as you’re not likely to need any of them before moving day.

Principle 5:

Label everything For all that it may seem like a waste of time, labelling is a great time-saver (and nerve-saver as well) during a house move. It will bring order to the packing chaos and will help you find what you need quickly and efficiently when unpacking (a big bonus when you’re physically and emotionally drained after the relocation). So, as you pack a carton, list out the content on the side of the box, so that you can easily see & read it. Indicate your name and the room to which each specific box should be delivered at your new home and write any necessary handling instructions (FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE, etc.) with a permanent marker on at least three sides of the box. It is a good idea to number and colour code the cartons as well (needless to say, the rooms in your new home should be colour marked accordingly, so that the movers can bring the boxes to the proper rooms quickly). Whether you learn to pack like a pro or hire professional removalists to help you ensure the safety of your belongings, proper packing will guarantee your smooth and successful moving experience.

Office Move Checklist: Moving Office Tips for Employees

Moving to a new place is overwhelming, whether it’s a home or office. It starts with excitement, and the panic sets in when you realize you have to figure out how to prepare for an office move and organize everything in the new place. 

Relocating an office requires a lot of work, regardless of the size of the office or company. Moving office takes time, you have to move all the items, but you also need to consider transitional workflows, reorganization, adjustment periods, and so much more. 

Here is a list to get you ready to handle every aspect of your office move:

Announce the move: Inform all your employees. Plan a detailed email or a newsletter, or a brief video to tell employees about the big step. Do it months in advance because your employees need to decide whether they will relocate with your business or quit. Inform them weeks or even months in advance to give employees enough time to work their notice period and recruit for new staff.

Inform Your Clients: Moving office doesn’t affect you alone. To some extent, it does affect your clients as well. Especially if they visit your office quite often – give them a timely notification of your company’s relocation. Contact all your clients and inform them about the move, including the new office address. Also, let them know your hours of operation and telephone numbers.

Hire Professional Office Removalist Company: Moving an entire office isn’t easy. Contact a& professional removalist in advance to avoid the hustle. Ask for an itemized quote from the moving company to work out what is the best course of action for you.

Get the packing material, if not all, at least boxes, duct tape, labels, and other important items. 

Ask Employees: Assign each employee the task of packing up their desk. It will be a significant help to have everyone responsible for their own desk space.

Prepare the New Location: Prepare your new office for your arrival. Set up basics so that you can still operate.

Official address change. Relocating to a new location involves some legal work as well. Your office is registered at your current location, so it needs to be changed to the new one. Cancel all subscriptions that you have at your current address and re-direct them to the new one.

Update Address: Start updating documents with your new address early rather than doing it later. So, place your orders for new business cards, letterhead, envelopes, return labels, etc.

Appoint the Move Manager: If you divide the work between a few, it is essential to appoint a move manager who can facilitate and follow up on each step to ensure things are progressing as per the plan. The best person to nominate for this responsibility is someone from the administrative department.

Celebrate Your Move: Celebrate the success of your office move with your staff and employees. As a “thank you” gesture for everyone’s co-operation and help, celebrate together with your new space or just organize a small party in your new office with, the people who made it happen.