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We all have unique and artistic items in our houses and apartments that are dear to us. Whether special ceramics from China, decorative items from Japan, or precious items from France that you fell in love with, you really don’t want them to be damaged. Such sensitive items can be a concern when you are relocating, hence you need an expert to help. If you own a musical instrument like a grand piano or an organ, it’s important to you that these items are handled with care. When moving you need an antique furniture and art removalist.

Delicate, fragile items like these need expertise to pack and move them. ProMove Transport offers antique shipping solutions in Melbourne with appropriate trucks, equipment and special protective gear to facilitate the safe arrival of all your unique items. Whether you are located in the inner suburbs, on the Mornington Peninsula, or in regional Victoria, ProMove takes great pleasure in offering its services and moving your items wherever you may wish to go. If you wish to surprise loved ones who live a distance from you with precious art then Art and Antique Shipping Services by ProMove Transport is for you.

The meticulous approach provided by the furniture removalists in Melbourne to move your easily broken items will exceed your expectations. Whether you own delicate medical equipment, fragile musical instruments or large mechanical items, the professional team of ProMove Transport offer sensitive freight service in Melbourne and are sure to efficiently take care of it for you.

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