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We all love playing games and having one in our own house feels amazing. Golf or cricket matches on Sundays in the garden or a round of pool in your own game room, can be relaxing and refreshing. However, if you are lucky enough to own a billiard or pool table, the trouble starts when you plan to move and make a fresh start at another location. This is because the table is heavy, bulky but also quite fragile. You may be reluctant to dismantle the table Or not feel confident of your ability to reassemble the table at the other end. Professional pool table movers in Melbourne or elsewhere would always advise that you separate the parts and reassemble them to avoid damage and danger to you and to your table.

Dismantling and then moving a table that’s heavy and delicate and then reassembling it again afterwards requires a lot of muscle power, technical know-how and specialised equipment. A little assistance from the experts is always helpful. Get affordable pool table movers by using the services of ProMove Transport. They use a special pool table trolley to move the pool table top as well as utilising trucks with a hydraulic lift to simply move your table in and out of the truck. Pool tables can weigh up to 1,000 kilograms why not let ProMove Transport, the pool table movers in Melbourne help relieve you of all these hassles.

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