What Are the Different Types of Moving Services?

Moving to a new location or a house is not easy. At times, it is emotional and overwhelming. The first decision that you make is to how are you going to relocate? How will you choose a removalist company?

Whether you are moving next door, down the road, to another town, or even to another country, choosing the right removalist company can make all the difference when you are relocating to a new location.

Do you need a removalist company?

Choosing your removalist is as essential as any other decision you will make concerning your relocation.

Moving an entire household to a new location or relocating an office or a warehouse requires a lot of physical and mental organization. And believe us it is a daunting experience. Packing boxes may sound easy and simple but lugging them in and out of vans and up and downstairs is another, and can be extremely exhausting, especially if you’re on a tight deadline to vacate the property.

Thus, you need a removal company to take the burden off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on organizing the rest of your move.

To be able to make an informed decision, you need to be aware of the different types of relocation services the moving company offers and which one suits you the best.

  1. Domestic Removal Services: When you are shifting entire household items, you need a household removalist who can handle and pack your belongings accordingly.
  2. Commercial Removal Services: When businesses shift their factory, warehouse or offices, a commercial removalist makes your task easier.
  3. Pre-packaging Services: When you shift an entire household, there are thousands of items to be packed carefully. A pre-packaging service from a reputed removalist will create a Tetris like a stack to ensure efficient use of space while providing complete protection.
  4. Furniture Removal Services: You would certainly not want your furniture to get damaged in transit. You need an expert removalist service who ensures safe transit of all your belongings including furniture.
  5. Storage Services: Not all relocation heads straight to a new location. There are a few which may face a delay in getting a new location hence need storage facilities. You may need your household items to be stored for a short period or an extended term.
  6. Pool Table Removals: Relocating a pool table to a new location requires a lot of muscle power, expertise, technical know-how, and specialized equipment.
  7. Piano Moving Services: Moving a giant piano to a new location is a task that needs precision and expertise. And getting the right piano moving service is critical to ensure no damage and safe removal.
  8. Antiques & Sensitive Freight Services: Delicate and fragile items need special packaging, handling and equipment and also the protective gear to facilitate the safety of all your antiques, artifacts and sensitive items
  9. Rubbish & Demolition Removal Services: ProMove Transport help you get rid of the rubbish, demolished and waste items left behind after you move. So you don’t have to worry about disposing and discarding these.

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