How to Move Heavy Furniture Items?

One of the most challenging parts of relocating is moving the heavy items in the house, especially the furniture. Handling heavy and odd-sized furniture is not all easy. Especially when you don’t have a helping hand, most of the times, you can’t even drag it or lift it from the house to the moving truck, forget loading or unloading it in the truck.

In fact, if you do not carefully handle large and heavy furniture items, you may end up hurting yourself, or breaking the furniture, or damaging the surrounding belongings at your home. 

But you can definitely use professional removalists or moving services. It is easy and effortless, as they are well trained in handling and moving heavy furniture safely. But for commoners like you and me, it’s not going to be easy to move heavy furniture all alone.

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Here are a few tips that can help moving heavy furniture items by the best Furniture Removalists in Melbourne, ProMove Transport:

Drag, don’t lift:

You can easily drag through many furniture pieces. Just put plastic sliders on the furniture legs, and they can easily slide. You can use this method to drag furniture like couches, chairs or tables, etc.

You can also use moving pads or a large piece of flat cardboard, as well as moving blankets (to cover the furniture) to protect them from scratches and dents. Similarly, you can place the furniture on the blanket (spread out on the ground) and drag it. This way, you can easily move the furniture without lifting it. It also eliminates the risk of damaging the furniture by dropping it.

Push, don’t pull:

Pushing a heavy item is a lot easier than pulling. So, if an item is too heavy to lift, then you must push it through to your truck. One thing you must consider is to cushion the floor with newspapers or old blankets to protect your floor against scratches and damage.

Be slow, don’t rush:

Don’t rush moving heavy and odd-sized furniture items. Do it slowly, steadily and carefully. If your rush, then the protective padding around the furniture or under the table may slip off and damage your furniture and floor as well.

Carry tall items high and low:

Tall items can not be pushed easily as there is a high chance of tipping. However, with the help of another person, you can carry tall furniture items holding them at the top and the bottom. Tilt it a little backward at an angle where one person has the top and the other person holds the base. This allows for the item to be centred and keeps it from swinging out of control.

Carry Furniture The Right Way:

Be very very cautious to prevent back injury or muscle injury. Lift the furniture with your legs and not your back. It is important to note that you should bend at your knees and not your waist. Both of these tricks can help prevent undue physical stress that could hurt you or the people helping you.

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